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Sprint Shutting Down Nextel Network by June 30, 2013

Friday, June 1, 2012

Today, Sprint is notifying its Nextel customers that the company is shutting down the Nextel network as early as June 30, 2013.

Sprint is also encouraging those customers to switch to its Direct Connect service, which offers a similar push-to-talk feature that Nextel subscribers are accustomed to using.

This action comes just seven years after Sprint and Nextel merged in a deal worth $36 billion.

Shutting down the Nextel network is part of Sprint’s “Network Vision” project, which aims to “consolidate multiple network technologies into one seamless network with the goal of increasing efficiency and enhancing network coverage, call quality and data speeds for customers.” Basically, shutting down the Nextel network will give Sprint more spectrum to expand its 4G-LTE network.

Read Sprint’s press release here.



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