Dialing Plan Data

Numbering Plan & Dialing Plan Data

Route and rate domestic and international calls accurately, easily.

Industry professionals use KFR’s data to accurately program call routing in switches, identify calls to wireless numbers, determine whether a call is inter or intraLATA and find the rate center for a given NPA-NXX.

  • Includes nearly 100,000 dialing codes worldwide.

  • Use this data set to find the terminating city for an international call and determine whether the international dialing code is reserved for wireless services, so you’ll know when surcharges apply.

  • Lists all assigned NPA-NXXs in the North American Numbering Plan, enabling you to report the originating or terminating rate center or wire center for a call, determine whether a call is intra or interLATA and find whether the call is placed to or from an area code/prefix assigned to wireless service.

  • New NXXs are added up to 90 days before effective dates and remain in the database 60 days after they’re removed from service for accurate and easier back-billing. NPA-NXX Trac also includes V&H coordinates, operating company code and CLLI Code.

  • Provides the missing link when trying to correlate telecom boundaries with traditional geographic and demographic elements.

  • By obtaining the cross-section of where zip codes and telecom rate centers overlap, Zip-Link allows you to determine the zip code for each area code/prefix combination in the United States.

  • Helps providers assign phone numbers that ensure calls to a customer’s VoIP and wireless phones are local to the numbers they call most.

  • Zip-Tel matches each zip code to an area code and exchange, enabling service providers to assign the right number to meet a subscriber’s specifics needs.

  • With the NPA NXX for a zip code identified, KFR’s Localizer makes determining the local calling area simple and accurate.