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If you work for a phone service, telecommunications company, or telecommunications software provider, you understand the importance of service area identification. With NPA-NXX databases and lookup tools, you can pinpoint coverage areas with reliability and precision, locating rate centers, carriers, localities, wire centers and other crucial information to ensure the most accurate call routing and reporting for your business.

At KFR Services, we provide our customers with NPA-NXX data delivered with exacting accuracy, enabling them to route and rate billions of calls per month with ease. We put our customers' needs at the forefront of everything we do, and you can expect us to do the same for you.



What Is NPA-NXX?

NPA-NXX is a term representing the first six digits of a phone number within the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). The NANP is comprised of 25 regions in 20 countries across North America. Numbering plan areas (NPAs), more commonly known as area codes, are three-digit prefixes that identify telephone service regions by geographic location, such as U.S. states or Canadian provinces. NPAs were established to eliminate the need for operator toll dialing and enable individuals to call other subscribers directly.

The next three digits, known as NXXs, are assigned by rate center with the "N" in this number string denoting any number from two to nine, and the "X" representing digits range from zero to nine. NXXs are also referred to as the exchanges, central office codes or central switching office designations. This identifier has associated data fields that give insights into their assigned telecommunications networks.



Search by NPA and NXX, State and City or by LATA. Select from several options below.


KFR's free NPA-NXX lookup is great for checking which area codes and prefixes are assigned to a given rate center, what rate center a particular NPA-NXX is in or what area codes are in a specific state.

To get immediate access to our free NPA-NXX Lookup Tool, please fill out the form below! This data is compiled using a variety of industry sources to ensure the most accurate information available.

Should you have any questions about area codes and/or international dialing codes, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're always here and ready to help.



















Why Use Our NPA-NXX Area Code Lookup Tool?


At KFR Services, we programmed our NPA-NXX area code lookup to be as fast, accurate and easy to use as possible to give our customers the most seamless user experience. We care about our customers' success — that's why we deliver data with 100% accuracy to ensure the most dependable reporting.

You can use KFR's streamlined NPA-NXX database to effortlessly gather information based on a caller's phone number and dialed digits to:


  • Assist with call ratings.

  • Report on traffic usage.

  • Identify wireless numbers.

  • Record originating or terminating rate centers and wire centers.

  • Determine if a call is inter- or intraLATA.


Other NPA-NXX Data Collection Options


If you can benefit from NPA-NXX data but don't have the time to gather data by repeatedly using our lookup tool, you can take advantage of our fast, efficient data purchasing options.

We offer dialing plan data services that enable users to easily rate and route international and domestic calls with accessible information from our NPA-NXX Trac, which lists all codes in the NANP. Through this comprehensive database, you can gain insights regarding rate center identification, wireless numbers and inter- and intraLATA calls to identify caller jurisdiction and rates without any manual effort on your part. You can also choose to purchase data in numerous forms depending on your preferences, including spreadsheets and data files.

When you buy NPA-NXX data from KFR, you'll experience many benefits and conveniences beyond what you can get with our free lookup tool. You can:


  • Access new NXXs up to 90 days before effective dates.

  • View NXXs 60 days after removal.

  • Guarantee data accuracy through extensive cross-checking and verification.

  • Acquire information outside the public domain.

  • Obtain operating company codes, vertical and horizontal (V&H) coordinates and Common Language Location Identifier (CLLI) codes.

Take Advantage of KFR's Reliable NPA-NXX Database 


You can facilitate fast, accurate traffic reporting, call rating, wire center identification and more with KFR's state-of-the-art NPA-NXX Trac dialing data plan. Accurate data is our passion — that's why we've spent over 40 years perfecting our databases and maintaining our reputation as one of the industry's most reliable telecom database providers.

For more information on our services, give us a call at 800-433-6181 or contact us here!

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