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Why Choose
KFR Services?

Company Profile

Since 1975, KFR has produced the highest quality data for telecommunications service providers throughout the country. Our clients include the industry’s largest service providers, competitive local exchange carriers, VoIP service providers, telecom billers and telecom expense management companies.  

We’re proud of the reputation we’ve earned for providing the most accurate telecom databases in the industry with the best customer support.

Accurate Data is our Passion

KFR is a 35-year veteran of the telecom industry. Our Data Team performs all research, analysis and maintenance on our databases.  Team members also have an average tenure of 21 years with the company.  

That experience and expertise earns KFR the reputation as the most accurate telecom database provider in the industry. In fact, the nation's largest service providers use our databases to rate billions of calls each month.

How We Determine our Accuracy

We measure our accuracy by tracking customer reported errors on a monthly basis, and we publish those results online. With our accuracy statistics made public each month, there will be no surprises. You'll always know exactly how we're performing.

We are so proud that as of March 2021, we have gone three years without a customer reported error, making our accuracy rate 100%!  This statistic is current through June of 2024.


  • One Month: 100%

  • 12 Months: 100%

  • 24 Months: 100%

  • 36 Months: 100%

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