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LEC Rates

Local Exchange Carrier Rates

LEC Rates - accurate billing through highly accurate data.

The rates charged by Local Exchange Carriers (LECs) to subscribers for service are valuable information for resellers of LEC services, CLECs trying to verify charges from underlying carriers and charges to their subscribers, and for anyone auditing phone bills.  

  • Covers the costs to businesses from local exchange carriers for many of the most used calling features, such as call forwarding, call waiting, three-way calling, Centrex, ISDN and more. 

  • Standardized, flat file format includes charges for calling features from about 350 carriers.

  • Monthly charge for the feature is provided, as well as "per use" rates, where applicable.

  • A subscriber line charge database comprised of each state’s 3 largest LEC rates.

  • Includes rate center name, LEC company code, NPA, line type, and monthly line charge with rate group identifier.

  • Applicable EAS charges as well as recurring and nonrecurring charges are also included, as well as end user common line (EUCL) access charges.

  • Available by state or nationwide, including Canada.

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